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Online shopping has made selling and buying a lot easier. There is no pressure of staying on the queue before you finally get someone to attend to you. Besides, you do not have to go through the stress of walking down the aisle looking for your chosen products or going from store to store. As long as your device is connected to the internet, you are good to go. You can be in a part of the world and buy something from someone else in another part of the world, there’s no limit in online shopping. However, online shopping is not without its problems, some of which are ;

Online fraud
This is one of the commonest problems of online shopping. Some eCommerce stores are dubious to the core. They portray their website as trustworthy and they put up nice pictures of what they claim to sell. The unlucky victims go-ahead to pick their choice product, make payment and end up biting their fingers. Online fraud is not the only problem of online shopping as there are many others, but it usually very devastating, especially when it involves a huge sum of money. If you shop online regularly, you have to be careful. Protect yourself against fraud. Make your findings when you come across any website parading itself as that of popular companies before you do business with them. If possible, only buy from online sellers the brands you want to buy from has accredited. You should know about tips to buy your products safely to reduce the risk of being defrauded while shopping online.

Phishing and hacking
These are another set of evils that comes with shopping online. If you log into unfriendly and complicated websites, you are at a high risk of having viruses and malware automatically installed in your devices. Once the virus enters your phone or computer, it starts to malfunction. Asides that, modern-day hackers now use the same virus and phishing agents to track you down. Through this, they become privy to your confidentialities, especially your financial details. They keep on tailing you till they sense that you have a large amount of money in your account and they withdraw it. People have lost their life earnings over this. As such, it is important to keep yourself protected by all means.

Shipping problems and delay
In some cases when you buy something online, you are fortunate and your merchandise gets to you as soon as possible. In most cases, a lot of people experience shipping problems. For instance, a delivery that is meant to take a few days may end up taking a month before it gets to the owner. Such acts are usually very frustrating and in some cases, dangerous. What if the merchandise was needed urgently to save a life? Or secure an opportunity? In extreme cases, the merchandise gets lost in transit and the person who shopped online ends up losing their money. If it were physical shopping, such would never happen.

Getting something different from what you bought
Online shopping is a kind of blind buying, you are not sure of what you are buying. There have been lots of complaints about people who got something different from what they ordered, some get tasteless foods, etc. This problem is becoming rampant and has made a lot of people weary about buying anything online.

Even though online shopping has its problems, it is still the best mode of purchase. More people have benefited and continue to benefit by setting up online stores and buying what they need online. It is left to the buyer to protect themselves. If you shop online, it is your absolute responsibility to keep yourself safe. For instance, do not buy from a website that seems too good to be true. One way unfriendly websites attract people is by making every offer on their website too juicy. They use this as baits to lure people and dupe them of their money and even cause other havoc. Never fall for this. If it is too good to be true, there is a high possibility that it is not genuine.

Also, to protect yourself from the pitfalls of online shopping, get accustomed to reading customer reviews. Search for websites that offer true customer reviews about businesses. Never buy from a website that has no customer reviews yet. If an eCommerce store is good at what it does, its customers will sing its praises. If it is not, the people who have experienced its distasteful service will drag the store on various platforms. Reading reviews helps you to make the right decisions and get excellent value for your money, with no fear of fraud.

By Ruby