While quality, professional real estate agents, must focus on the best way to serve their clients needs, etc, unless/ until, they make selling, their best friend. they will find it challenging to obtain clients. Without clients, one will never make a living, but remember this must be done in an ethical manner, but also a motivating, clever one. After four decades of training and developing thousands of leaders, and thousands of salespeople, in multiple industries, as well as over a decade, as a Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I believe strongly, every agent would benefit, from learning, understanding, and effectively using the following 5 useful steps, in order to address homeowner’s concerns, needs, and priorities.

1. Clarify questions/ concerns: How can you serve a client, unless you first understand and appreciate their concerns, and then are ready, able and willing to clarify and address them? However, you must be certain what one is questioning, so be careful, to avoid prejudging what you believe is being asked! If you answer too quickly, you risk opening up a Pandora’s Box, while not addressing the original concern! The simplest approach is saying, So, you’re concerned about (and then state what you believe is the question). Do not proceed until you get an affirmative response to your question!

2. Empathize: Know the difference between sympathy and empathy! Proceed by stating, I can perfectly understand the way you feel. I felt that way, and most others did to, until they realized a few things.

3. Answer thoroughly: You’ll never satisfy another individual, unless you give them a satisfying, thorough answer and response! Don’t avoid challenging questions, but rather be prepared, and willing, to fully respond, and address the concern, to the satisfaction of the homeowner!

4. Recreate need/ purpose: You’ve now discovered your client (or potential client’s) need, concern and priority! You’ve clearly demonstrated you care deeply, and feel their pain! Hopefully, you’ve answered a question, in a thorough, professional manner. Now, you must regain control of the conversation, which means recreating the homeowner’s attention, on the sale of his house. Say something like, In light of your question (state it), and the fact, you now, know, the full picture (restate the crux of the matter).

5. Close the deal: You must make the decision, whether you will remain within the constraints and limitations of your comfort zone, and be satisfied. merely being a teacher or tour guide, or will you opt to close the deal, by asking? It is often as basic as saying, Doesn’t it make sense? Then proceed to the paperwork. However, always remember, pause, wait and ZTL, or zip the lip, meaning don’t continue until you have received acknowledgment, etc, from you client or potential one!

Real estate agents spend considerable time and effort, focusing on enhancing and improving their Listing Presentation. Master these 5 steps, be prepared to constantly using them, and become the best, most effective agent, you might be!

By Ruby

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