Property dealers have shifted its focus from major metros to tier-2 cities of India. In this context Ahmedabad can boast quite a bagful in terms of real estate investment. West India sure looks promising and has kicked off a good start with a share of Rs 17,745 crores in the modernization projects in real estate Gujrat. New construction Home loans, investment property residential and commercial and revamping activities have boosted the real estate New Age India!

Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent real estate property dealers in Ahmedabad!

  • JMC Projects (India) Ltd.- Projects mainly focus on leading Corporates and Multinational companies.
  • Navratna Constructions- Commendable work done in urbanization of Ahmedabad with key focus in residential and commercial buildings.
  • Royal Space- Caters the infrastructural and office space needs for public and private enterprises, central and State Govt. Corporations and foreign banks.
  • Saumya Constructions Pvt. Ltd. – Known for strategic location, quality construction and excellent designs for both residential and commercial buildings.
  • Space Management Ltd.- Real estate services for both residential and commercial properties whether it is sales or purchase or rental.
  • Adani Group- Has plans to invest Rs.1500 crores in setting up townships not only in real estate Ahmedabad but also Mumbai in a colossal way. The company is also expanding its retail operations in a big way by launching 15 new retail outlets including hypermarkets and departmental stores in Ahmedabad.

NRI Perspective for Investment Property Residential

Residential property is one prime focus area for NRIs living outside their homeland. The key drivers for all those new construction home loans is somewhat always based on values back home, family, security and emotional ties and even prestige to some extent. In this context property dealers in Ahmedabad are sure reaping moolahs in terms of 100% price rise!

Property Dealers Flock Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the ext big one stop solution for IT companies. Amongst the other prominent Tier-2 or 3 cities like Chandigarh, Indore, Kolkata and Nagpur Ahmedabad lead the group as confirmed from some of the top consultants of India. The key drivers in this respect are cheap labor, lower real estate costs, reduced staff attrition and other cheap resources. The average demand has been 1.2 to 1.5 million sq. ft. from some of the major property dealers and real estate players of the country. Ahmedabad is said to provide the greatest cost benefits with Chandigarh in the second place amidst the Tier-3 cities. Ahmedabad and Nagpur provide a 25 to 30% cost advantage over the other major metros like Delhi and Kolkata in terms of facility costs.


The profits have been very encouraging for property dealers in Ahmedabad. Though returns have been huge venture capitalists have faced the music when it came to raising money in the real estate business. However, the risks today look minimal when it comes to profiting from high returns on investment.

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