Trails group division of a safety box to the top floor (floor 2.3, etc.) Can be placed outside the side wall of the house or inside the wall itself. If placed side outside the walls of the house, make sure the line is well protected. You can use the pipe or other material that is resistant to weather changes and most importantly, must be watertight.

You should be careful when do installation of pipes in your home. It would be better if you use the plumbing installation services of experienced through emergency plumbing Cardiff.

Keep the pipe installation is not embedded in the concrete especially point continued. Even if there should be only for the installation of the pipe line to the lighting, and even then also not branched in the concrete if the lighting is installed in parallel with other lamps.

Keep in mind, make sure the installation of the pipe that will be planted in the concrete must be completely sealed alias no leakage, especially in the area of ​​pipe connections. Use insulation on pipe connections to further protect from leakage.

One more thing, if you feel less fit in with the original cover of the box you can set the dial continued planting box a little deeper and make modifications lid made of wood or other materials as the jack box cover so that later if trimming the wall will look flat. Do not forget to be a small sign in the area where the jack box lid so that if a time would fix the confusion was not looking for it.

By Ruby