Making Eco-friendly Office: Replace Bulbs with LEDs

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Everyone is responsible for taking care of the environment. At this age, Millenials are aware of making their process green. Many of them are practicing environmentally friendly processes such as recycling to minimize the amount of waste that most human produce. Through recycling, people can reduce our carbon footprint.

It is good to know people today are making ways to save the Earth. Apart from recycling some waste, maybe not all people are knowledgeable about the latest technologies that replacing the old ones to reduce carbon emissions. One of the eco-friendly technologies that have been available in the market is the outdoor led accent lighting. It provides many environmental advantages to make homes and offices to be eco-friendly places.

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Due to the massive benefits of led lighting and more and more people who want to save Mother Earth, replacing traditional bulbs becomes a thing. Many homes and corporate offices are now switching to led lighting. It is more than just an eco-friendly product. It helps them to reduce expenses.

The LED (stands for the light-emitting diode) bulbs contain a microchip and several conducting light sources. These are the reasons why electricity flows to the bulb, and the light sources illuminate.

Although many of you would want natural light, it is not enough to lighten areas of your homes and offices, especially those who live and work in the buildings. 

People are aware that natural light won’t last in a day, and during bad weather, brighter lights aren’t available. These are the reasons why people install led bulbs in their rooms and outdoor led accent lighting in some areas.

If you are thinking about installing outdoor led accent lighting, you are making the right choice, and you will consider it as long -term investment. LED accent lighting is a cost-saving on your electric bill because LED only requires less energy. It only uses 5% of the generated power to heat.

What else you can do to make office eco-friendly

Going paperless 

Paper waste has been an issue for many decades ago. Although there were people aware of it and had been trying to reduce the usage of papers, the paper waste was still existing. The reason was there were businesses required a lot of paperwork.

Today, people have lots of ways to lessen the paperwork with the help of technology. It doesn’t mean removing paperwork. In this age, transactions can be done digitally. Although there are areas that require paperwork, you can implement the paperless practice in some tasks. 

Since the cloud storage services and digital pay stubs have become available, the need for paper and printers in the workplace has rapidly decreased in the past two decades.

Cloud storages like Google Drive, One Drive, and DropBox are useful to decrease the usage of papers. There’s no need to print documents to share it with your teammates or boss. Just share the link and instantly they get the copy.

Install motion-activated light switches

Apart from installing LED bulbs in rooms and outdoor led accent lighting in hallways, you may consider installing or swapping in motion-activated light switches. It can improve energy efficiency in your office or home. 

Probably this is the best solution for conference rooms, which usually separated from the central office space and these rooms are not often used. You may remind your employees to switch off the lights as they leave or enter. But for sure, there are times they will forget it. To avoid this minor problem that would skyrocket your bill, install motion-activated light as it can save energy automatically.

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