Exuma is a string of islands and cays, home to forgotten hideaways, natural harbors, secluded beaches and a coastline of over a hundred miles of clear, blue water. Exuma is a nature lover’s paradise preserved in its original pristine setting. In recent years, The Bahamas has become one of the world’s financial centers, with over 400 banks located in Nassau, its capital. The country’s open economic policy has drawn capital from around the world, and is now a hot real estate market. Bahamas property has become of great interest to investors and a haven for those wanting to own private homes surrounded by the wonders of nature. Local realtors see no end in sight with regards to the increasing demand for Bahamas property.

Buying Bahamas property

In 1993, the Bahamas government enacted a law encouraging non-Bahamians to acquire real estate in any of the 21 districts. It also allows property owners and their dependents to apply for an annual resident card or permanent residency. It is now easier than ever to own a piece of Caribbean paradise. Contact one of the country’s numerous realtors to help you find that perfect spot. Visit The Bahamas Real Estate Association for a complete list of certified agents and details on purchasing Bahamas property. Prior Government approval is not required for non-Bahamians who want to purchase residential properties of less than five acres, although they are required to be registered with the Investments Board and the Central Bank. Another option is to buy property directly at a development. On the island of Great Exuma for example, see Oceania Properties (http://www.oceaniaproperties.com/), February Point (http://www.februarypoint.com) or Crab Cay (http://www.crabcay.com/) for some luxury properties.

An enticing investment

As the world’s premier tax haven, The Bahamas offers the perfect investment opportunity as there is no personal, corporate, income, capital gains, estate, gift or inheritance taxes. Easy access to major world markets, as well as political stability and security are the advantages of business in The Bahamas. Investors are also attracted to the stability of the economy, which is steadied by the solid value of the Bahamian dollar (pegged to the U.S. dollar on a 1:1 ratio).

The benefits of renting

Having a corporate or personal address in the Bahamas provides opportunities to live an exclusive island lifestyle while generating tax-free income. As you enjoy the benefits of a vacation home in The Bahamas, your investment appreciates. When you are not there basking in the sun, you can consider renting out your Bahamas property. The rental segment of the market is huge as many visitors flock to the islands every year in search of a little rest and relaxation. Luxury condos, houses and villas generate top dollars for their owners. Many realtors and property managers agree that renting a property is a great idea since it helps the owners defray some of the costs associated with owning and maintaining their properties. There are rental pools that you can join whereby property managers will oversee all of the administrative details associated with renting. You have no worries, no headaches, and best of all, your home in the sun is well-maintained and available to you at the drop of a hat.

In order to preserve the culture and tranquility of the island, Exuma has regulated that no more than 30% of the island may be developed. Luxury rental properties in Exuma generally offer complete privacy, are exquisitely furnished, and include first-rate amenities. Purchasing a Bahamas property either as a vacation destination or as a rental property offers the advantages of numerous commercial flights, private airports, and close proximity to the United States. Feel right at home in The Bahamas.

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