Let me explain the “what”. You have by now after checking out many ads have viewed many of the long-copy sales letters and know what they look like. Yeah, the ones that you have seen many times on the web whereas you have to scroll down, down and down before you finally locate the price of the product that is being pitched. Remember? Sound familiar?

Now do they work? You may ask yourself “with all of that length is it really worth it? Length does NOT mean that you will get sales. What DOES work is what you are saying to a potential client. Do you have their attention? Are you answering their questions? Are you solving their problems? This is the key to opening the door for the prospective client. People want their problems solved and are search for ways to get that fix. What are the benefits and values to your client?

You have to answer their questions and at the same time demonstrate your product, service or program. If it takes many words to accommodate that client’s needs then you are making a solution at the same time fixing their problems.

In other words, the long-copy sales letter DOES work IF they are done correctly. As a network marketer, you are attached to your product; you know about it and feel it is the best product since sliced bread. This is a good thing! However, your website visitor has no idea of what your product does or can help him/her. Perhaps they have seen it on the web or maybe someone has told them about it but they are not attached or a believer…yet.

One technique that I have found that is valuable in producing a good sales letter is Do not use the word “I”, “I”…instead talk with your visitor using “you” “you”. Again, give your readers worth and assistance.
When writing your sales letter you want to look at it as a conversation, for example, you are on the phone with this person and you want to answer all of their questions. By answering their questions, you are making them feel better about your product and letting them know that this product, service or program can fix their situation. This is one person, but in a sales letter, you are allowing many people with the same problem look at the information. What you are doing is grabbing them by the hair, get them excited so they will want to learn more and more.

Be electrifying and brilliant. You want to get the prospect’s emotions and to invoke feelings that make them to what your product. Remember the ones that buy do so because they want to change their troubling position.

Which is more profitable: A Sales Letter or Squeeze Page?

First, let’s define the two. A squeeze page (sometimes referred to as an “opt-in page”). The Sales Letter (a sales letter giving the prospect an overview of your product).

What are you looking for? Do you want to get signups? Alternatively, do you want to get immediate sales? The sales letter might get you lesser long-term profits but may get you more initial sales and better ROI (Return On Investment) and may pull in fewer subscribers.

However if your sales letter is out-performing your squeeze page by getting immediate sales, you may want to use the sales letter and even add in an opt-in box near the top of your page (above the fold).

If you were getting more sales initially from the squeeze page, then this would be almost an ideal combination.

Both of these methods work well. It is really best to test both models to see which is the best for your online business or product. In addition, you may want to test short copy versus long copy, different call to actions and even different headlines to see which would generate the best response.

By Ruby

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