It is important to secure your home according to the development of your baby. Many dads and moms start thinking about securing their house during pregnancy and make some changes as they go along. To help you do so, here’s a handy checklist to secure your home as your child grows up. In fact, it is not a rocket science and you do not need to buy AK 47’s to ensure the safety of your child. However, this is something which may be needed in some cases.

Securing home for newborns

Keep stuffed toys and cushions out of bed during baby sleep. Avoid sheets, blankets and fluffy pillows and prefer tightly fitted sheets with a sleeping bag over it. Put the curtain cords and ropes out of the reach of children. Check that there are no breakable objects near the diapering and toileting areas.

Secure home for crawling babies

As soon as your baby starts rolling and moving by himself, it’s time to install safety barriers at the top of the stairs. If the doorsoften open, you will also have to install barriers to prevent the baby from accessing certain rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Get on your hands and knees to see by yourself if the baby can reach easily some risky things. Then,make a list of the protectiveitems you need to put in place. You are recommended to protect every corner of furniture with the right accessory. You can, for example, buy edge protectors from an extruded polyethylene foam profiles manufacturer.

Keep your drawers and cupboards secure for your child, especially if you store chemicals, medicines, tools and utensils, plastic bags, matches or lighters in it.Store your electronics, like the vacuum cleaner, unplugged away from the baby when you’re not using them.Put the power cables out of reach of your baby. Do not forget to check lamps, chargers, television, computers and other electronic devices. Cover electrical outlets with safety caps. Take any breakable and cutting object, device or gadget out oftables and low shelves. Put all houseplants out of reach and if they are toxic, get rid of them completely.

Securing home for walking babies

Once baby can stand up, place the bottom of the crib at the lowest level. If your child is too squirmy, it would be better to change the diapers on the floor than on a table. The bathroom and the kitchen are obviously to be secured, but your baby is ready to explore everything so do not forget to secure all the other rooms, too. Checkevery corner of the house once again because your toddler is now able to reach even more things. Put sharp and brittle appliances and objects out of his reach.Keep unused doors closed and use a door stop on every open door to protect the baby’s fingers.Install wire netting on the windows and take any imposing objects below away so that the babycannot climb on it by accident.

By Ruby