Even though staying healthy is a priority, there can be illnesses and injuries that will require you to have surgery. General anesthesia allows the surgeons to perform their tasks while you relax in a pain-free stasis that mirrors sleep. Here are a few steps to prepare.

Before the Day Of Your Surgery

Your doctor will give you instructions to follow to get ready for your procedure. Schedule the blood tests and physicals that must have done several days beforehand. This ensures that you are healthy enough to have this operation or it lets the surgeon know what precautions must be taken during it. Follow what the guidelines are about what you eat and drink. Most surgeries will require that you stop eating after midnight and that you drink only water. It will also demand that you wait on certain prescriptions until afterward. 

During the Procedure

When you arrive at the hospital, the staff will insert an IV into your arm to inject the medication into your arm. This can also be used to give you saline. At the time of your scheduled procedure, they will wheel you into the surgical suite. The anesthesiologist will place a tube into your nostrils or a mask over your face to give you oxygen. These air lines are mounted to the wall in both the operating room and where you will stay to recover and the continued stream and is kept pure with the donaldson compressed air filters inside the unit. Once you are breathing well, they will inject the drug into the IV line to put you to sleep. 

When It Is Finished

You will be taken to the recovery area when the surgeon is finished. The nurses there will watch over and monitor your vital signs as you are allowed to wake back up. Once you are fully conscious, the doctor will recount what happened during the procedure with you and the person that accompanied you to the hospital.

By Ruby