If you’ve missed the boat when it comes to spring cleaning your home – then fear not! There’s still plenty of time to get your home in order so you can enjoy the rest of the year in a clean, decluttered household. See below our top tips for decluttering your home, room-by-room:

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When it comes to your kitchen, it’s all about utilising the storage space. So, no matter how cosy your kitchen space is, it’s important to fit some cabinets, both below and above the head. Breakfast bars can also be a secret storage space, just in front of your designer bar stools creating a sophisticated yet sneakily practical look! You can also make the most of hooks – particularly when it comes to your utensils and pots and pans. Hang these items on a pegboard or from a suspended pot rack for lots more space in your cupboards.


It’s easy to get consumed in endless bottles, pots and tubs when it comes to your bathroom. For every new face scrub you’re trying out, there are least 5 half-empty bottles in the cupboard. Take 20 minutes every three months to pull everything out of your bedroom and have a good old clear out. Throw away anything that’s expired, and all the products that realistically you don’t see yourself using again. Furthermore, to save on space, bring your everyday linens into the bathroom. Store them in a wicker basket for a functional yet stylish storage method.


Make the most of your bedside table space by hiding a basket underneath. This can create an undercover spot for your laundry or throw pillows. Moreover, don’t forget about the space under your bed and other contemporary furniture pieces. If you’re tight on wardrobe space, then there are a myriad of under-the-bed storage options that’ll provide you with a clean, smart space to store your clothes and shoes.

Living Room

Your coffee table acts as a centrepiece of your living room. As tempting as it might be to use it as a space for decorations, it can often end up being a dumping ground for all your odd bits and bobs. To give the appearance of a clutter-free room, your coffee table should be 75% clear on the surface. You can always store magazines and books underneath. Additionally, you should aim to make your living room as guest-friendly as possible. After all, you’re more likely to host guests here than any other room of the home. Ensure you’ve got space for them to hang their coat and put their bags, Keeping the space as de-cluttered as possible.

By Ruby