Most of us have to deal with an infestation of mosquitoes at some point in our lives, and that experience usually makes us want to ensure that it never happens again. The real trick to solving the problem is making sure that the bugs don’t come back after you get rid of them the first time. Barrier sprays are one of the better options for doing that, so it is important for every homeowner to understand how they work.

What are Barrier Sprays?

A barrier spray is a two-stage weapon against mosquitoes. It works like a conventional spray in that it kills the pests on contact, but it will also cling to plants or structures in the area for a few weeks. Any mosquitoes that step into that barrier while the spray is in place will get exposed to the pesticide, which will kill them.

That effectively creates a wall around a property that mosquitoes will struggle to penetrate, so it provides protection that lasts.

Who Performs Them?

Barrier sprays are relatively complicated to apply because they need to cover all the right places to keep mosquitoes out. It also takes some specialized gear to put the spray in place. That means that it is best to get a professional, such as the Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel, to apply the spray. They will often pair the spray with other techniques, such as removing mosquito breeding grounds, to make sure that it is as effective as possible.

When Should You Use Barrier Sprays?

Barrier sprays are a good choice for general use because they provide protection for a long time, but they do excel in some specialized circumstances. In particular, they are great as a preventative tool to make sure that parties stay free from bugs. You can start the barrier spray a few days in advance and still be sure that it will provide protection, which is ideal for getting rid of them before you start setting up the party. The sprays are safe and odorless, so none of the guests will even notice that it is there.

Are Barrier Sprays Safe?

These sprays are safe for use around humans and can actually reduce the risk of disease. That is because many mosquitoes and other pests carry diseases, and they can spread them to humans when they bite. Eliminating the mosquitoes eliminates the risk of catching a dangerous disease from them. That is most important during major outbreaks when the risks are highest, but it always has some value because every mosquito has the potential to carry a disease, and nobody wants to be the first one to get sick when an outbreak starts!

By Ruby