Karaoke Machines make great gifts. Simply for the fact they encompass such a wide age group. They are made to be enjoyed by both male or female, the young or the young at heart. Rest assured there is a Karaoke Machine out there for every age group, whether you are looking to get a gift for a child or Grandparent or for yourself. And you do not have to be a great singer to use these products, just have a love of music and enjoy having a good time.

Karaoke Machines can have many features, and with many machines to choose from, the whole process can get a little daunting, if not frustrating. Some Karaoke Machines may have a Built-in Video Camera for displaying an image of the person singing, Digital Key Control for changing the song’s key, Built-in Display screen so you do not have to connect the machine to a TV and many more different features. The key is to figure out what you want and need in a Karaoke Machine. Just remember most Karaoke Machines you choose will have the ability to play music and display lyrics through some media form (either through CDs or digitally). (Please Note: There are Karaoke Machines that do not have the ability to display lyrics. They are very rare and tend to be toy Karaoke Machine for very young children.)

Below is a list of Karaoke Machines that vary from the very basic to the more elaborate, complex models. Each one is different, with many different features. But they all have the core elements that make up a great Karaoke Machine. All range in price from around $50.00 to $300.00. These are just a handful of the types of Karaoke Machines. They should give you an idea of what is available and help you choose the best Karaoke Machine.

The Singing Machine SML-383 – Price Range: $41.00 to $69.00
– Vertical Load CDG Disc Player
– Two Microphone Inputs
– Disco Light Effect
– Balance & Echo Controls
– Auto Voice Control (AVC – Eliminates Vocals on Multiplex CDG)
– Built-in Speakers
– Video & Audio OUT
– Dimensions: 6.2 x 11.7 x 13.6 inches; 6 pounds

The Singing Machine SML-383 Karaoke Machine can be enjoyed by anyone at any age. Very basic but it will get the job done. It is small and compact, making it very portable. It can play regular audio CDs, as well as CDGs. The CDGs will display lyrics once you connect the SML-383 to a TV screen. Cables are included and the connection process is not hard and similar to connecting a DVD player. Standard Karaoke features are included such as two microphone inputs, balance and echo controls and AVC (Auto Voice Control gets rid of the singer’s Voice on Multiplex CDGs)

Emerson HD515 Karaoke Machine – Price Range: $45.00 to $100.00
– MP3 with Lyrics format
– 1GB Memory – Hold Up To 1000 Songs
– 250 Songs Included in the Stored Memory
– 3” STN Display
– Digital Key Control
– Digital Echo and Balance Control
– 2 Microphone Inputs
– USB Port
– Programmable
– Sound Booster
– Auto Voice Control (AVC – Eliminates Vocals on Multiplex CDG)
– AUX input for IPodĀ®/MP3 Players (Audio 3.5 mm)
– Audio outputs (RCA)
– Built-in Personal Player Cradle
– RCA & USB cables
– 100-240V AC Power Adapter
– Battery operated (4 “C” Batteries not included)
– Operates 36 hours on batteries alone
– Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 12 inches; 5.8 pounds

What makes the Emerson HD515 Portable Karaoke different from the rest on this list is that it is equipped with 1 GB of storage memory. You can store 1000 songs and comes with 250 songs already right out of the box. If 1 GB of memory is not enough, you do have the option of connection an iPod or MP3 device to the AUX input. There is a built-in display, but it is only 3 inches, which can make it difficult to view the lyrics. But it is an extremely portable machine and can use a power adapter or run on batteries. This Karaoke Machine is perfect for anyone with a large digital library. (Quick Note: Plays MP3 with Lyrics format) If you need extra volume in your sound there is a sound booster and audio Outputs to connect to a larger sound system.

Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStand Karaoke Machine – Price Range: $55.00 to $170.00
– Sing along with music from iPod device or any MP3 device with headphone jack with 3.5mm line-in connection
– Auto Voice Control (AVC – Eliminates Vocals on Multiplex CDG)
– Enhanced vocal effects with echo and balance control
– Powerful speakers built into base (Two 4W speakers)
– Connect keyboard to play with band
– Cable management clips
– Dual microphone inputs
– Keyboard input
– Dimensions: 9.3 x 20.3 x 15.5 inches – 11.9 pounds

This specially designed Karaoke Machine will definitely stand out in a crowd. Built as a microphone stand, the MKS-SS1 SingStand Home Karaoke System does not have a CD Player or any built-in storage memory. It relies on a connected iPod or MP3 device with headphone jack with 3.5mm line-in connection for music. This is one of the rare Karaoke Machines that does not display lyrics. But if you take the extra time, you should be able to download most song lyrics through the internet. Even without displaying lyrics, this is one of the most popular and highest rated Karaoke Machines on the market. Other features include an input to connect your own musical instruments, the microphone stand is adjustable to most heights, Auto Voice Control and two microphone jacks. Can be used by anyone but children under the age of 15 tend to enjoy this Karaoke Machine the best.

The Singing Machine ISM-1028 – Price Range: $200.00 to $300.00
– Front Loading CDG Disc Player
– Music Playback for iPod
– 7″ Color LCD Display
– Built-in Video Camera
– AM/FM Radio
– Two Microphone Inputs with Separate Volume Controls
– Digital Key, Balance and Echo Control
– Auto Voice Control (AVC – Eliminates Vocals on Multiplex CDG)
– Built-in Transformer
– Two Tower Speakers
– Video and Audio IN/OUT
– Dimensions: 37.5 x 17.7 x 17.1 – 34.6 lbs.

VOOM II – Price Range: $300.00 to $500.00
– 4 Digits Direct Access for MP3, MP3+G & Divx
– Compatible Formats: Neo+G, CD+G, DVD, Audio CD, VCD, MP3, MPEG-4 Built-in SD, Mini SD, MMC Card Reader & USB Port
– Compatible with MP3+G (Loader: DVD Media, USB & SD)
– 3 Playback Modes Optimized for Karaoke, Stereo, Music
– Transfer Data Files to Memory Device (USB) without PC.
– Digital Key Control 13 Steps
– Music Tempo & Key Control
– Scoring Function (NEO+G & CD+G)
– Dual 1/4″ Microphone Inputs
– Component Video Out
– Support 480i/ 480P/ 750P/ 1080i
– i POD & MP3 player Port with Cable
– Electric Guitar Input & Effects
– 100 Wattes
– Line output

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