Beginning as ‘the place near Delhi’, Gurgaon has slowly but surely built itself quite a niche in the market. Emerging as one of the millennium cities, Gurgaon has been offering a plethora of world class amenities to its residents for quite some time now. More recently, with the constant growth of infrastructure, Gurgaon property has become a rather hot commodity, be it as a real estate investment or for home buying options.

At a proximate distance to the National Capital, Gurgaon has been playing host to a number of branches of Fortune 500 companies, making it a not-so-little corporate hub. This increased the demand for optimum housing, and builders in Gurgaon did not lose time, as they worked towards making Gurgaon one of the most lucrative property investment options in North India. State of the art infrastructures, strategic location, as well as the high standard of facilities have led to an unprecedented growth in Gurgaon’s real estate market.

With a growth of 500 to 700 per cent in the preceding years, Gurgaon has emerged as not only a corporate hub but as a premium residential area with ultramodern and luxurious living spaces as well. A forerunner in off shore outsourcing, today Gurgaon is the second largest IT hub in the country, giving birth to a number of white collar and high-end jobs, which in turn make it a key investment opportunity, not just in the commercial sector but in the residential sector as well. Here is all that Gurgaon has to offer:

• Wide range of choices: The new projects in Gurgaon for semi-luxurious to luxurious and ultra-luxurious townships, springing up at almost every corner, have made realty a reality for all types of budgets. Apart from the various options for residences available, Gurgaon also offers prices that are roughly half of those in Delhi, hence making it a very coveted property investment option.

• Strategic Location: Gurgaon is situated at one of the best locations possible. It is easily accessible from Delhi via the Delhi-Gurgaon 8 lane expressway, while the steadily growing Metro network provides a fast and easy access around Gurgaon and Delhi.

• World Class Amenities: From top notch schools to the best possible medical facilities, Gurgaon makes sure of every comfort for its patrons. Be it the splendid restaurants of cyber hub or the budget dhabas on Golf-course road, Gurgaon makes sure that there is something to suit every mood.

• Economic Growth: With over 2000 multi-national corporations already present, and a number of new companies looking to set base here, Gurgaon has been and is slated to remain as one of the biggest corporate giants in the country.

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