The arrival of spring also marks the beginning of the party season with people looking forward to celebrating special events of all types after spending the long and cold winters tiresomely at home. Housewarming parties and other family and friends get-togethers are often times postponed until better weather can be enjoyed outdoors in particular. These parties also allow gift giving as a way of showing love and care for the host. Here are a few ideas of Islamic gifts to give your host at their house party:

Crystal Ornaments: Everyone likes a beautiful and intricately designed crystal ornament to decorate their home. Therefore these Islamic gifts are considered thoughtful and welcomed by all. They include ornaments such as “Allah”, “Muhammad” or other Quranic inscriptions engraved on crystal cubes, plates, vases and plates.

Wooden Craft: Handcrafted wooden decoration objects can add a unique touch to any room of the house. These items are one of a kind as no two items can be made exactly the same with hand. Then they are hand painted to make them more attractive and eye catching. These wood adornments skillfully hand crafted Islamic gifts are also highly appreciated by all.

Wall Hangings: As the art of hand knotted and woven rugs and hangings are a trademark of the Islamic world, these wall hangings make great Islamic gifts for the home. Displaying pictures of the “Ka’aba” or the great mosques of the world, these displays can brighten up the hallways and living areas of the house.

Adhan Clocks: For a Muslim house, the sound of an Adhan (Prayer) is a vital part of the day to day routine. Adhan clocks are available in different shapes and styles and one can select the kind that blends in with the remaining of the decor of the home. These clocks come equipped with alarms that can be customized to alert the owners of the prayer times even in places where there are no mosques nearby.

Keva Cup sets: Green tea or Keva is a traditional part of a Muslim meal. Due to this reason, these cup sets prove to be ideal Islamic gifts appropriate for occasions such as housewarming parties and weddings. Because of their abundant usage, there is a large variety of keva cup sets available globally, with sets ranging from gold and silver rimmed to calligraphy engraved and hand painted. Finding a unique keva set and gifting it to your loved ones is a great gesture of care and thoughtfulness.

Bukhoor Burners: Another one of the more popular Islamic gifts, Bukhoor burners provide the home with lovely and sense soothing fragrances. The charcoals for these burners are available in a number of Islamic scents and can fill any space with pleasant fragrances.

All these items make great gifts for the home which are liked and loved by all!

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