You already know that babies are cute and fun to snuggle. Even when they wear funny looking outfits they’re adorable. When else in life can a person get away with wearing a sweater emblazoned with a clown without being teased? You might think that it’s not that hard being a baby. These same people seem to think that, except for an inability to communicate properly, babies are not that much different from adults. The truth is that babies are complex little creatures with their own sets of needs and abilities. Here are some baby facts that should be interesting for you to learn. You need care for your baby and start frome here buybuy baby coupons.

Babies are never dull! Only half of the things you have learned about babies is correct. Here are some interesting facts about infant development.

Did you know that babies are born with three hundred bones in their bodies? When a person becomes an adult there are only two hundred and six bones in his or her body. You do not lose any bones as you grow up; the reason an adult has fewer bones than a baby is because as the baby grows some of his bones fuse together. It is the presence of these “extra” bones that makes people believe that a baby has more flexibility than an adult, because the bones have a wider range of motion. Think about it: how often are you able to eat your own feet as a grown up?

It is common knowledge that babies can hear while they are still inside of their mothers. There are studies upon studies proving that babies will react strongly to the sounds that have reached them through their mothers’ bodies. Did you know, though, that decibel levels are just as important while the baby is in the womb as it is once the baby is born? Even before the baby is birthed, his ears are very sensitive. Doctors recommend that, while women are pregnant that they keep their music, televisions, etc below the level of a modern vacuum cleaner. Even your vacuum cleaner pushes the limits of your baby’s comfort so you will want to keep the noise level in your home down and avoid loud noises outside as well.

Most babies are born knowing instinctually how to swim and how to hold their breath. This is also something that your baby will rapidly forget as well. Because of this, many early childhood experts recommend that women have water births. Apparently the transition from the womb to independent life is easier with a water birth because the babies have spent nine months “swimming” inside mommy’s womb. They believe that a “regular” birth in a brightly lit hospital room is far more traumatic for the baby and that it makes it harder for them to accept that they are no longer physically a part of their mothers.

You already know that babies cry when they need something but did you know that those cries do not involve tears until two or three weeks after the baby’s birth? A person creates tears out of hormones that are produced when the person feels stress. This hormone secretion is the main reason that stressed out people cry: the body ridding itself of that hormone helps calm everything down. Babies do not produce these hormones before birth. Some babies do not start producing this hormone for a few weeks. Some babies won’t produce the hormone for a few months.

Common knowledge does not include very much in the way of baby development at all. Early childhood development is amazing. The more you know about the subject the more you will enjoy watching your children grow up!

By Ruby