Duct Tape Mole Removal Procedure – Cheap and Convenient Home Remedy – 5 Steps to Vanquishing Moles


Removing moles with duct tape is quite a popular home remedy option as the materials you need to do this action is readily available. It is quite likely you already have duct tape in your home ready to use. Plus, duct taping is quite inexpensive (either close to free or low-priced) do-it-yourself treatment. Over-the-counter products to remove mole generally range around from $6 to $27 and may even cost more than $27.

A warning before attempting to erase moles off your skin with tape: if your skin suddenly feels redness or irritation as a result of applying duct tape, then take off the tape right away since sensitive skin can be vulnerable to the conditions of irritation and heat rash. There may be other side effects such as pain, permanent scares and infection.

Here are five steps to ridding yourself of moles via duct taping.

1) Put water mixed with soap onto the mole to clean it out rigorously. Then let the mole dry up completely. You need to do this to prevent infection from occurring since the duct tape will predictably tear away some layers of skin after being left for so long on the skin.

2) Snip off a portion of duct tape sufficiently big enough to encompass (cover) the mole’s whole surface. Stick the tape on top of the mole. Make sure the duct tape fit to your skin as best as possible to minimize air trapped between the tape and the mole. For warts, it is sometime assumed that they die off because of suffocation, a similar situation may hold true for moles.

3) Allow the tape to stick to the mole for a period of time spanning from three to six days. Note that individuals differ in how long you should leave the duct tape on. This time of passing is mostly passive, you do not have to constantly worry about the duct tape. And if you are very unmotivated not to do anything at all, you could leave the tape to wear off to the point of falling off by itself. Try not to get the tape drenched in liquid.

4) When the time is ready to peel off the duct tape, remove it cautiously to avoid undue harm. You should then check to see if the mole comes off with the tape. Since the tape takes off the surface layers of the skin, the peeled mole should wither away with no further attention. Additionally you may want to end it by soaking the mole with water and then scrubbing it with a pumice stone to further ensure that your mole is gone.

5) In case the mole does not come off good enough with the duct tape, do steps 1 through 4 again if you still feel like doing so. You may want to try another home remedy if the tape fails to do the job.

There are other ways to purify yourself of moles but none so cheap as the duct tape mole removal technique. However, using tape can appear intimidating and unappealing. You can also combine duct taping mole remover strategy with other natural remedies such as apple vinegar cinder if you know how.

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