Do Cheap Home Laser Hair Removal Appliances Work?


Can you get good appliances to carry out DIY hair removal at home? Is it actually better than going to a professional? Probably not! But still…

Well, that is a million dollar question. Do cheap home laser hair removal appliances work? Laser treatment is the most preferred means of removing hair amongst people these days. Why? It is effective, relatively cheap and preferred for long term treatment. Benefits of laser treatments can be advocated by saying that even though hair growth is not completely removed, it is thinned to reduce hair growth.

One pertinent question you should ask yourself before reading further is: Why would you do laser hair removal at home? There could be many reasons for this:

– It is much more affordable to carry out laser treatment at home

– You can do it in the privacy of your home

However, you should be careful that if it is the first time you are using laser treatment, seek a professional’s help. Even though laser hair removal appliances at home can do the job, it is important that someone can help you with them, at least for the first time.

Effectiveness and cost of these laser hair removal appliances is also an important factor to consider. Industry level salon devices can cost somewhere around $20,000 for a single laser treatment appliance. This is neither affordable nor wise option if you are buying such an appliance for yourself and a few others. Instead, you can purchase a personal appliance to remove hair for less than $300. Is it worth the money? Definitely, it is affordable and will provide near effective service from the comfort of your home. However, is anything less than perfect good enough?

Unfortunately, some users who have used such laser hair removal products before have complained that these appliances leave unwanted holes in the skin, while at the same time, fail to kill the hair follicles as promised. It is recommended that you read all the instructions before you use one of these. The laser penetrates the skin and works on hair roots and follicles, in effect burning those hair and skin around it. These machines are also geared according to your skin colour, skin type and hair colour; so ensure that you buy the one that suits you best.

Read the reviews, research a product very well before you decide to buy one. However rest assured, you can definitely find an affordable laser hair removal device for a low price. If however at any time, you find that these appliances are not working as expected, please consult a professional so that any further damage can be prevented.

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