Corporate houses are fully furnished apartments, providing temporary but lavish accommodation, along with all kinds of amenities and housekeeping services. The term corporate house arises from the fact that they are mostly used by businessmen looking for a short stay at some specific place (and not because corporations own these houses). These homes are meant for temporary stays; one doesn’t necessarily need to be a business traveler to take advantage of these residential units. Anybody looking for a short term luxury residence can go for these houses instead of checking in a hotel.

Corporate houses come extremely handy when one cannot afford to stay in expensive hotels, even though they are pricier than most of that standard rental house. However, the high price is often justified by the quality of services and utilities you are going to get along with the living space.

Business executives or managers often avail corporate housing. It can be an apartment, single housing unit or a separate story in some bungalow. They are often regarded as an alternative of staying in hotels, the reason of this comparison is almost the similar luxury living with added features, for example, a full kitchen, more space and more bedrooms (which is excellent, in case you are traveling with your family). It is an ideal option for those who think of hotels to be too formal and proper to be considered for more than 2 – 3 days stay.

Having lounge, kitchen, balcony and even rooftop to your disposal provides a very homelike feel, that’s precisely the reason why corporate housing is getting increasingly popular in big cities like New York, London, Los Angeles, Washington, San Francisco, and the likes. Even from the business point of view, giving a corporate house on rent can prove to be more profitable and relatively hassle-free (however you need to have the right home at the right location, to be able to offer it as a corporate house).

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Many businesses are making use of corporate housing to provide accommodation to their employees, who need to travel to other cities or countries for business trips. Not only it saves some cost, but also provides the much-needed flexibility, which is often missing from hotels (for example no timing restrictions on check-in or check-out). When searching for a corporate residence in the city, you are planning to travel; it’s always better to deal with some well-known company instead of individual owners. You can also ask for suggestions from your peers who have recently moved to the same region.

By Ruby