Commercial printers are a large part of the business and office equipment market. These devices are made for business and office use to reproduce documents, images, and the like. The different types of printers available are ink-jet printers, plotters, faxes and print servers, scanners, and fax machines. Below is a list of some of the more popular printers available on the market.

Specialties, Features, And Size Specifications

Each printer has its own specialties, features, and size specifications. Some commercial printers can print in color and have various ink colors, toner levels, and page feeders. Other commercial printers can print text or do document scanning. If you need something that is not on this list, you should consider looking into compatible equipment that can be used as a substitute.

Inkjet commercial printers are made by a few different companies such as Hewlett Packard, Epson, and Lexmark. These machines have a solid, durable, and fast delivery system with reliable performance. The printers are known for their high print quality and they are very easy to maintain. Because of their reliability and durability, some people prefer to use these commercial printers houston instead of older, manual or semi-automatic, inkjet printing equipment.

Commercial Printing Services

Commercial printing services are best used by companies that produce large volumes of paperwork on a regular basis. The commercial printers used in these situations will be able to handle a wide range of print jobs quickly and accurately, with minimal downtime. Depending on the printing process being used, the company could be taking on a lot of extra work or have a lot of excess paper waste to clear out every now and then. Commercial printing companies offer convenient options for handling these situations.

For smaller companies that don’t need to deal with printing so much but do still need to reproduce documents and images on a regular basis, a plotter and/or copier may be more cost effective than commercial printers. Digital presses and copiers, however, offer other features such as paper savings and paper rolls that can help offset some of the costs of using digital presses. When purchasing your commercial printers, look for those that offer a variety of functions and the ability to add other accessories such as paper trays or storage bins. Many printers today include printing software and the ability to add printing projects to your computer via the internet.

For companies that need a high-speed, automatic paper processing system, direct-feed printers are often the best choice. These high-speed machines use direct current (DC) to feed paper from the in-let to the in-galley in very quick time. Many business printers can accommodate up to six hundred sheets per hour; however, it is important to know how many pages you typically print before considering getting a high-speed model. This will help you choose the right commercial printer that works best for your business printing needs.