Breckenridge Real Estate is a bargain right now. If you are investor, and you happen to like to ski, Breckenridge deserves some consideration in your 2009 investment plans. I have been a CPA and real estate investor in Breckenridge for 25 years. There are many reasons why I feel this is the time to invest. In fact, I have invested my own funds in Breckenridge and will continue to do so. I feel it is a much safer bet than the stock market and therefore, I can sleep at night while my investment works for me and my family.

Here are the main reasons I feel that Breckenridge is the place for a savvy investor to make some money and enjoy his investment with his family:

1. Prices – Prices in Breckenridge have stabilized. In some cases they have come down slightly. However, the market in Breckenridge is stable. Unlike Vail, Beaver Creek and Aspen, we have not seen a large downturn in housing volume and pricing.

2. Buyer’s Market – After decades of being a seller’s market, the buyer is now in the driver’s seat. This means the seller is more flexible in both pricing and terms.

3. Mortgage Rates – Mortgages rates are so low, it is hard to believe. We are at 30 year historical low rates.

4. Gas Prices Down – Breckenridge and Summit County Real Estate is close to the Front Range of Denver and Colorado Springs. It is only a 60 -90 minute drive for most location in the Front Range to Summit County, Colorado. The huge drop in gas prices is making the more economical than ever to drive from the Front Range and enjoy an economical family vacation at 5 World-Class ski resorts. It cost a family of four $35 in gas to drive up here and have a car for a week, as opposed to flying somewhere and renting a car for a few thousand dollars.

5. Five World Class Resorts – Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Keystone, A-Basin, Loveland

6. Vail and Beaver Creek – only a short ride away. If it dumps in Vail, take a ride there for the day. But invest in Breckenridge. Vail and BC are fat cows that are so over-priced that a slope-side parking spot is for sale for $500,000 and a fixer-upper townhome is for sale for 6.2 million. In comparison, I can show you how to can still get a ski-in unit in Breckenridge in the 200,000 range.

7. Breckenridge is a fun town that is live-able year round. There are festivals and events all year round.

8. Location – the east side of Vail Pass. Vail Pass was closed 48 times last year. Why risk being trapped. Stay in Summit County Colorado.

9. State of the Art, Award-winning School System

10. Your best place in the mountains to make a great investment. When the gondola area development is completed, Breckenridge will basically be built out. At that point prices will sky-rocket.

Breckenridge is a hidden gem in the world or investing in mountain properties. Vail and Aspen get all the press, but they are grossly over-priced. That inflation will spread to Breckenridge and Summit County real estate, you just need to be ahead of the curve and invest now.

By Ruby

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