Servers by definition are computer programs that are aimed at serving needs and requests of other programs that are using or are not using the same computer. The servers program is often referred to as a host while those it serves are called clients. A server computer can be a single entity or a series of programs that link to other devices in a network. This can be both private as in an organization or public as it happens on the internet, whereby if you search information through a search engine in your computer, this information is relayed to a multitude of servers with the relevant webpages through internet and the results are transmitted to you through a server(s).

Dedicated servers on their part -also called managed hosting service or dedicated hosting service- are servers or types of hosting programs whereby one uses a complete server that is not shared with anyone else. One advantage of dedicated servers is that you will have total control and discretion on the servers which means that you will decide on the hardware, operating system and other inputs. Those who vouch for them also point out to their better returns on investment as well as their low overhead costs.

But any discussion of dedicated servers cannot be complete without the inclusion of a datacentre (also called datacenter, data center or data Centre), which are buffer-zones for housing computer systems and other related components. Some of the functions of a datacentre facility include;

• Storing/ housing various computer systems and other important components like storage systems and telecommunication components.

• A datacentre also takes care of residual and backup power supply that means that the whole system operates unabated even if there are power interruptions.

• It will also sort out your redundant data connections, air conditioning and dealing with fire outbreaks.

One merited factor of a datacentre is that it is very easy and cheap to setup in your computer system. One way of appreciating how cheap this buffer-zone is if you factor in the costs you will incur if it is not present. Although incorporating complete dedicated servers is an expensive undertaking, you can still get a good bargain and land one on the cheap, but you should keep the following points in mind;

• You should make sure that you are offered multiple data centre choices just in case you need a fallback option.

• You should also bargain on a guaranteed bandwidth.

• You should also make sure you get different server options.

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