How To Maintain a Garage Door Tips

If you own a garage door, you want to keep it in good shape. You can do this by adjusting the track brackets on the garage to reduce friction and checking and replacing broken rollers and springs. Also, you should lubricate the metal parts to keep corrosion at bay.

Properly Balanced GarageDoor

The proper balance of your garage door is essential to its performance and safety. If your door is out of balance, it can make strange noises, cause your door opener to work more, and even be dangerous.

A properly balanced garage door can reduce stress on your automatic opener, make it easier to open and close, and prolong its lifespan. It also can help you avoid unnecessary repairs. Visit to learn more about how to maintain your garage doors.

The weight of your door should be distributed evenly over the torsion springs. If your door is out of balance, the springs may be stretched or strained, causing your door to sag. These springs can be broken, leading to costly repairs.

Inspect the Weather Stripping Around the Door

Having the right weather stripping around your garage door is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your door. It helps keep out unwanted air and water, prevents pests and keeps your garage warm in the winter and cools in the summer.

If you notice gaps or other issues, it is time to replace your weatherstripping. You may need to have a professional do it for you.

A poorly-fitted door can increase your energy bill cost and decrease your home’s efficiency. Check the weatherstripping on your garage door regularly to ensure it’s in good shape.

The weatherstripping on your garage door should overlap the top section and be at least eight inches apart. You should also make sure it’s installed in a V-shaped pattern with an open end facing toward the elements.

Adjust the Track Brackets to Reduce Friction Between the Door and the Track

If you own an auto rack or garage door opener, use a track bracket to prevent friction between the door and the track. The use of a track bracket will allow you to adjust the distance between the bottom of the door and the bottom of the railcar, and it can reduce wear on the lower track.

Door tracks are often tapered, which is the graduated spacing from the jamb to the end of the way. This design enables the door to be closed tightly against the jamb. However, it can cause expensive installation problems. You should also avoid installing the top bracket with the door fully open.

Inspect and Replace Broken Garage Rollers

Rollers are an essential part of your garage door. They help it to open and close smoothly. However, they can also wear out over time. If they are worn out, you’ll need to replace them.

It is pretty simple to replace a broken roller. Slide the old rollers out of the track and put the new ones in. There are several different types of rollers on the market. These include nylon and steel. Nylon is usually quieter than steel.

Whether you have steel or nylon, you’ll want to regularly lubricate the rollers to keep them working at top performance. Typically, you’ll need to do this twice a year.

Lubricate the Metal Parts

Whether you are using a garage door for your home or your business, it is essential to keep it properly lubricated. It will prevent noise and ensure smooth movement. Lubrication also helps to avoid corrosion and reduce the risk of your garage door malfunctioning.

It would help if you lubricated your door at least twice a year. This is especially important in coastal areas where salt air can clog the tracks. Also, you should check your entry for wear and tear, such as paint or corrosion. A broken garage door can cause a severe accident.

Before lubricating your door, you must first vacuum out any dust, dirt, or debris that may have accumulated on the hardware. Then, you should spray some lubricant on the hardware.

Inspect the Springs

If you are a homeowner or business owner, it is essential that you periodically inspect your garage door springs. Depending on how often your door is used, you may need to replace them.

Garage door springs are under a lot of tension and can wear out or become loose over time. Regular inspections and proper maintenance can extend the life of your springs.

When performing spring adjustments, make sure you use safety gloves and glasses. You should also check the cables to see if they are frayed or worn out. Broken or damaged wires can cause injury or property damage.

If the door seems to be closing unevenly, you should increase the tension in the spring. This will fix the problem. However, if the springs are out of balance, you should contact a professional repair technician.

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