A porch serves many purposes. Porches allow people to find shelter from the cold and the heat all year long. Porches also add details to any home and invite guests inside with ease. When designing a home, adding a porch adds value and charm. The porch provides a great passageway that connects the indoors and the outside. A porch also adds lots of interesting detail that makes any home a showplace for the owner’s personal style. If you are thinking of adding a porch to your existing home or creating a home with a porch, there are many factors you should take into account. The use of color can add vibrancy and make the home feel special. The same is true of using materials that blend in well with the home’s existing style. Many design options allow each person to create a porch that makes any house truly their own.

Using Color

One of the most important elements of any custom porch design is the use of color. Color adds pizzazz and panache. It also helps create a unified and coherent look. Choosing color should be done carefully. This is a great place to add a pop of contrasting color. For example, a home muted tones of dark and light brown benefits greatly from a porch painted in shades of blue. Color choices make it easy for the homeowner to add personality.

Varied Materials

Another important consideration when creating a porch design are the use of materials. For example, concrete offers lots of heft that ties the porch into the rest of the home’s design. It’s also durable and easy to care for in any weather. Another choice that can add lots of detail is red brick; Red brick has a classic feel that fits in well with varied types of housing. Using red brick pavers is an excellent way to add detail as well a provide a path to the porch. The same of true of gray flagstones that can form the foundation of the porch. These are lasting elements that look great and add lots of wonderful character. Many people also like the look of stained wood as it can be totally customized to the user’s exacting preferences.

A Coherent Whole

Ultimately, the ideal porch is one that offers a coherent, whole look that allows the customer to make full use of their home’s setting and overall design plan. A custom porch designed by experts is one of the best ways to create drama and make the home pleasing to the eye. All those who are going to have a porch created for them should take time to think about each detail. Doing so will yield fabulous results.

By Ruby