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Taking into account all of the renewable and cost-efficient power sources that we have in our present day, solar energy would have to be the most efficient, beneficial, and environmentally friendly out of them all, which is why going solar has always been encouraged. There are a lot of solar power providers in Jackson that make it hard to choose from. Here are 6 questions to ask a solar installer that would help you choose the right installer for you.

What should you know when choosing a solar installer?

  1. What are the quality of their products and their installation techniques?

Different solar installers offer you different solar panels like polycrystalline, mono, and amorphous types. You have to look through all of these different options they have depending on the size of your roof, your budget, and your preferences to make sure that you are able to get the quality products that you need.

One thing you also look out for is the techniques that they use when they are installing the solar energy system. Make sure that they have the right skill set to ensure that it is installed correctly, and in a way that you could use it efficiently.

  1. What do the customers say about the solar installer?

You could go and scan through the reviews of previous customers of all of the installers that you are considering partnering with to make sure that they are a reliable company and they have quality customer service. 

These reviews could tell you the nature of the services that they could bring to the table. To help in evaluating how responsive and professional they are since each client looks for different aspects in a solar company, at the same time, solar installation companies also bring in different skills and customer service to the table as well.

You could look through different review sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

  1. What warranties do they offer?
  • Equipment Warranty

Equipment warranty covers anything that may happen to your solar power equipment in the next 25 years, covering shipment, mounting, moving the solar panels, and removing defective panels.

  • Performance Warranty

When we are talking about the performance warranty, you would be assured that 90 percent of the power generation in 25 years, and in that span of time, it is said in the contract and the agreement that you have with you proved that the investment quality won’t depreciate with time.

  1. Are there any other quotes you could compare?

Ask for any quotes from at least 3 of the solar installers that you are interested in and compare the three of them, allowing you to see the different rates that they have, to ensure that you could get your solar energy system at a price that is comfortable for you.

  1. What are the available financing options?

Before you partner up with any solar panel provider, you have to look through all of the financial options that they offer to make sure that you would be able to pay for your system. 

There are a lot of options that they could offer, and each solar installer offers different options. You could go through their financing packages and make sure you have all of these alternate ways that you could choose from to finance your system.

  1. Is the company certified?

There are a lot of licenses that solar installers need to have, so you have to make sure that they have all of these certificates that they need to be able to t=do the projects. One thing you are also going to have to check is if their electricians are also certified to make sure that they follow the safety requirement and go through the right practices to ensure safety and effectiveness.

A certain accreditation by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is also something that you could look for since it could assure you that they are a reliable installation company since they would have to go through training and sit through a test in order to be accredited.

Do installers offer a system performance guarantee?

There are a few solar guarantees that solar companies offer you. The performance and equipment guarantee that you have about 10 to 12 years of safety and guarantee in case something happens to your equipment. This could help against problems that could arise when it comes to defects in manufacturing, issues in your environment, and premature wear and tear.

How much can you save using solar?

There are a lot of benefits when you turn to solar, and being able to save money is just one of those. Since you are mostly going to be dependent on your solar panels, then you would not be dependent on the grid, and since using the sun is a renewable power source, nothing would go to waste. On average, a household that has solar panels would save up to $1,384, and depending on how big their solar panels are and effective their solar systems are, then there is a possibility that you won’t even have to pay any electricity bills at all.

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