Details, It’s incredible how the smallest elements in our home can often make the most significant impact. If you’ve recently become bored with specific areas in your home, don’t start planning for a big home remodel just yet. Small changes can completely change the look and feel of a room, and by making little tweaks here and there – you’ll be amazed at the results. When looking to add a little excitement into your home, brought to you by DMG Nola home remodel Ideas, try some of these creative detailing ideas:


Replace your current light switch covers with ones that have a bit more personality. Whether you choose to go out and buy an ornamental piece, paint your old one bright color, or cover it in fabric or wallpaper to add a bit of detail – you can turn this otherwise standard piece into quite an attention seeker. In rooms like the bathroom and bedroom, this small change can make a big difference.


Take a look at your window treatments. Could those old blinds be replaced with some colorful new curtains? Or maybe you could give your old curtains an upgrade by replacing them with something a little bit more modern and complementary to the design of the room. So many homeowners focus on the center of the room when it comes to redecorating – but we can’t neglect the walls around us! New window treatments can make a world of difference.


Even if you have carpeting in a room, a throw rug can add color, pattern, or detail in an instant. Many people think that throw rugs only belong atop hardwood floors, but they work great over carpeting, as well. If you have kids – adding a throw rug to dense traffic areas can help your carpet from taking a beating while adding color and detail to your room. Throw rugs are available in all shapes and sizes – so you’ll have the freedom to choose one that truly fits your space.


If your home is full of older, seemingly outdated artwork – replace those pieces with ones that mean a little bit more to you. Invest in having a family photo or picture of your child blown up to be framed. Adding photographs instead of artwork makes a home feel more personalized and adds a creative and modern touch to the room.


Finally, don’t be afraid of color! Whether it’s a bright lampshade, you spotted. At the same time, out of that bookshelf you’re looking to repaint, adding vibrant colors to neutral rooms can make a room appear more exciting and modern instantly. Neutral backdrops are great places to throw splashes of color or even metallic accents. By experimenting with color, you’ll be able to update your room and truly bring your home to life.


So the next time you catch yourself looking at your bedroom and asking “what can I do to spruce up my space without breaking the bank?” – take these fun tips and put them to use in your home. Although something, like painting a bookshelf or replacing curtains, may not seem like it would have a significant impact, you’ll be surprised at the outcome. By getting creative and freeing yourself of decorative inhibitions, your home will be on its way to a whole new look in no time.

By Ruby