When it comes to decorating the bedroom; adding gray color to it tends to get a bit confusing and often leads you to think twice before proceeding with applying it. Generally, we are more inclined towards adding basic colors like white, beige or sometimes off-white to our bedroom décor and gray color rarely made it to our preferred list of choice.

Well! Here’s the good news! The color gray is now in fashion and is very much recommended by home décor experts especially for bedroom décor ideas.

So, how can you go about adding different shades of gray to your bedroom décor? Lots of choices in hand can be put to reality but you got to execute your ideas carefully so that you may not end up restricting your finances at any given point. Check out these 5 smart bedroom décor ideas for applying gray color to it that would give your bedroom a very modern and chic look.

  • Wall Paint:

A dark shade of gray will look absolutely stunning when applied on the walls. Not only you can balance it with the perfect combination of light and dark gray shades but also you can apply it in contrasting effects with different color schemes of all kinds.

For instance; if your bedroom furniture is of dark color; you can apply a light shade of gray on the walls and vice versa to keep the overall ambiance of your bedroom in symmetry.

  • Beddings:

You must be thinking if gray colored beddings are a good idea and will they add any style to your bedroom décor? Good news is that they will! Use Ikea comforters you are going to love them! You should experiment with light and dark shades of gray especially to beddings in the form of bed spreads, cushions and pillow sets, gray colored comforters and blankets.

Moreover, applying velvet fabricated gray curtains nicely spread along the windows is also a great idea to go for.

  • Furniture:

Over the recent years; the trend of adding different shaded furniture items in bedroom décor has become immensely popular. It is because of the same reason that now you can easily purchase furnishing items for your bedroom in various unconventional colors like gray, white and even in bold colors like red or maroon etc.

It’s always good to try out new things and follow the latest trends. So, adding gray colored beds, coffee tables and even study tables in your bedroom décor will be a great idea to look out for.

  • Mirrors:

Adding a beautiful, giant mirror to your bedroom décor is a relatively new trend but it has become very popular over the recent years.

Not only it gives your bedroom a vast and spacious look but also it can serve as a beauty ornament and thus reduce the need to add a dressing table in the bedroom. Go for a contrasting gray and brown colored mirror today!

  • Vintage Items:

Gray is considered to be a color of the antiques. Therefore, for those who go for vintage themed bedroom décor items or lovers of antiques; adding anything in their bedroom that would give a vintage feel of gray color will be a plus point.

Be it a bedside table, a chair or a classic vintage styled wall hanging; gray color will be a beautiful choice to opt for.

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