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4 Tips to Improve the Landlord Tenant Relationship

A landlord-tenant relationship can be challenging if not given proper attention. Although you are in charge of the property, some landlords may forget that the property is another person’s home. Landlord Steven Taylor is a successful realtor and property manager who knows a lot about managing relationships with tenants. Here are four bits of advice to help you become a successful and courteous landlord too.



A general rule of thumb in professional communication is to respond within twenty-four hours. As a landlord, you should respond in half that time. Put yourself in your tenant’s shoes. You would want a quick response regarding the home you live in, especially if it is an emergency.  A true emergency, like a broken heater in the summertime, needs to be addressed immediately.


Sending birthday or holiday cards to your tenants takes very little time out of your day. You have a professional Read More